My Documentaries

As a career, I really hope to become a wildlife television presenter, and share my passion for wildlife with as many people as possible. Here is a selection of documentaries that I have made to

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About me

James Miller is an 18 year old environmental and wildlife campaigner, and aspiring nature TV presenter. He started making short documentaries at the age of 13, in the hope of inspiring other young people to

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A selection of some of my wildlife photography and art. All of the pictures are mine, and most were taken in the UK. I use a Canon DSLR for all of my photography, with a

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James Miller

Hello. My name is James Miller, I’m 18, and I’m a young environmental campaigner, public speaker and aspiring wildlife TV presenter.

You can find out more about me on my cunningly named ‘about me’ page – although be warned, it’s really just a thinly-veiled CV.
You can check out my documentaries, photos, art and writing on the menu bar at the top of this page.

Also, if you want to get in contact, please feel free to get in contact via the form on the sidebar, or via social media!


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