Cairngorms Presenter Trip Day 6

DAY 6: Our final day, and I was already overcome with nostalgia for the holiday gone by. After our final breakfast (and a final thanks to Darren and Sharon) James Shooter popped in to say goodbye, as well as inform us that he had seen a great white egret just down the road. Having already packed, we gathered our final belongings, took a picture in front of the steading and set off to try and find this rarity.
We got to the loch where it had been sighted, but there was nothing – we had obviously just missed it. I did have some fun trying to skim ice across the frozen loch, however, where it shattered with the sound of breaking glass.
Duncan drove us on to the airport, and we said farewell and made our way onto the plane.
To cut a long story short, we got home safely.
Looking back on the trip, I find that although the wildlife and scenery were amazing, it was equally fantastic to meet the people: Duncan, Iolo, Stuart, Miranda and her family, Patrick and Cameron, James Shooter, Charlotte Milburn, Sharon and Darren, Cath and Sally from Speyside, Moira, Peter Cairns’ wife, Amanda, and (fleetingly) Peter himself,  and John. All of them were such nice people and great fun to be with, so thanks to all of them for making the experience such a great one.

Cairngorms Trip Highlights

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