#30 Days Wild Day 4

Yesterday, I’m afraid was another failed quest. I had hoped to bring you films of badger cubs, but unfortunately, because of exams, I couldn’t stay up late enough to see them.
Instead, I simply spent an hour sitting on The Fallen Tree in the woods, revising Physics and waiting for some small bushy humbugs with legs that would never come.

While I rediscovered that E=IVt, a flock of long tailed tit fledglings landed on a branch above me in the canopy, and as GPE = mgh ┬áthe Jackdaws got disturbed by something (which seems to happen every 5 minutes – they’re really on edge). Two Pheasants were screaming abuse at each other from fields on either side, and a Song Thrush got very worked up about nothing, and seemed to be mimicking the Jackdaws in a repeating crescendo.

So not the most effective revision period. And no badgers.
But it’s all alright – I did manage to record some footage on my trail camera in case of such an eventuality, and it is evidence that the badgers were successful in raising cubs this year, despite the hot dry temperatures.

And I also think I did well in my physics test, so all is well.

Apologies for the shortness of this post, I have a lot of revision to do, but I guess it makes a difference from the mammoth ones over the last few weeks.

Thanks for reading! Hopefully some live badger encounters soon, or something else exciting – I’ll try my hardest.

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