An Eventful Week

IMG_0734 (Medium)If you live in the UK, you will probably know about the extraordinary wind we had just a few nights ago. I know it brought down several trees down my road, as well as this huge apple tree in my back garden. I don’t, unfortunately, have an extremely big garden, and this is one of three trees in it, and by far the largest. Miraculously, it didn’t do much damage; it missed our shed, our swing, our bench and our neighbour’s shed! It did sort of crush our hedge, but we came off overall pretty lightly.¬†Luckily, as far as I could tell, the wildlife hadn’t been affected.
The very next day I spotted a chaffinch nest, my first nest sighting this year. Using my zoom lens, I could just about see it making its neat mossy nest high up in a tree.
Here is what I saw (Sorry for the background noise!):

Me and my friend had an idea for a bird feeder inspired by one I saw in the Cairngorms. It is small log from a fallen tree that we chiseled holes into, before stuffing those holes with crushed peanuts mixed with water (to make them stick). This I have hung up using wire on a tree. The birds have really been enjoying this naturalistic feeder, and it may provide some great photographic opportunities. IMG_0720 (Medium)
Finally, I found an old blackbird’s nest that had fallen to the bottom of the hedge. Inside the nest, there was a small hole, which contained an old used moth pupa! Isn’t that amazing!

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