Cairngorms Nature Presenter Competition Post 1

Over last summer, I entered the Cairngorms Young Nature Presenter Competition. You had to make a 90 second documentary that included you presenting a species of your choice. Mine was on badgers – here it is below:

Badgers have got to be one of my favourite animals. They visit my garden regularly, and this has given me the opportunity to film them and get to know them a lot better than most people would do – one is so confident that it will hand feed! However, being nocturnal and very shy, they still have that mystique and intrigue that makes them so appealing. This is why I chose them for the documentary.
I submitted this to the competition, then there was a wait for the results. I had forgotten all about it for a while, but one day I was checking my emails at school and up popped a message:
‘Congratulations!  Your entry has made the final shortlist for the Cairngorms Nature Young Presenter Competition 2016.’
I was overjoyed at hearing this great news, and I forwarded the email to my parents immediately.
Then, on closer inspection of the email, I found out that the second round of narrowing down involved a public vote to decide the winner.
Find out what happened in my next post….

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