Cairngorms Nature Presenter Competition Post 2

FinalistsSo, what happened next? Well, the voting was done online, and took place over a few weeks. Voters had to go to Facebook and vote for one of 10 finalists. This was the most tense part of the competition, because you could see how many votes you had got. This meant that for the first week or so, I was prisoner to the screen, repeatedly reloading the page every few minutes to check how I was doing. 
Luckily, after the first week they decided to hide the votes from public view – I was free to get on with life!
However, on the day that the results were to be released, I waited around the phone, despite my parents trying no to raise my hopes. There was certainly some very strong competition, and the chances of me winning were slim.
However, just after lunch, the phone rang, asking to speak to me. It was the Cairngorms Park Authority, telling me that I had won!! I was so happy – it has to be one of the best moments of my life.
There was then a few months before the trip – I couldn’t wait! Well, actually, I just about could – and it was well worth the wait…

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