Enter the Cairngorms Young Nature Presenter Competition

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Last year I was lucky enough to win the Caingorms Young Nature Presenter Competition.
This is a national competition, open to anyone between the ages of 10 and 16. In order to enter you must make a 90 second documentary on a species of your choice – it could be anything, from a woodlouse to a golden eagle.
What matters is the presenting – that’s what the judges mark them on.
This was my entry:

And if you like the sound of that, wait until you hear about the prize – the winner gets to go for a week’s holiday in the Cairngorms National Park, with guided tours around the reserve every day, getting to see all of the amazing wildlife that they have up there. But that’s not all; the winner also gets to spend a day with Iolo Williams, the Springwatch presenter, picking up tips about presenting.IMG_9932 (Medium)
So, overall, it sounds like a pretty good competition, doesn’t it? I certainly enjoyed the prize immensely, and it has opened up a whole load of other amazing opportunities too, including featuring on BBC Radio Scotland, writing wildlife magazine articles, giving a talk at the Birdfair and becoming a member of the RSPB Phoenix forum.

If you want to hear more about exactly what the prize was like, visit my blog post(s) about it: Cairngorms Trip Day 1
If you want to visit the RSPB competition page to find out how to enter, click the following link: RSPB Competition Page

Hurry! You only have until the 31st October.
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