My Documentaries

As a career, I really hope to become a wildlife television presenter, and share my passion for wildlife with as many people as possible. Here is a selection of documentaries that I have made to try to improve my presenting skills and showcase local wildlife.

Grey Seal Pups

Our Changing Seasons



The Dark Story of the Cuckoo Wasp

      • Top Comments:
        ‘Top work’ Chris Packham
        ‘Brilliant. Really enjoyed that. Great images and excellent commentary. And I learnt something too!’  Mark Avery
        ‘That was fantastic! I’m a big nature & beasties fan and I’ve never heard of the Cuckoo Wasp! Thanks for the info and a great wee video!’ Lee
        ‘Fab stuff James, brilliant’ The Wildlife Trusts
        ‘Absolutely wonderful! I have ruby tailed wasps, & the bees they prey on, in my walls. You told their story very well. Thank you’ Jane
        ‘Really enjoyed that. Great camerawork and voice over. Best of luck with your great work 🙂 ‘ Oliver
        ‘Great film James. I have seen these ruby-tails around but never knew of their story. Excellent pacing & diction on the voice-over as well.’ Miles
        ‘Absolutely fascinating film. Brilliantly told, keep up the great work’ Russel

My Documentary for the Cairngorms Nature Competition

My Second Documentary: Sand Martins vs House Martins

What do badgers get up to on Christmas Eve?

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