We know we’re in trouble.
What we need is a plan.

We see it every day on social media. Floods, wildfires, forests disappearing and species teetering on the precipice of extinction.

But in all of this bad news, who is talking about what we’re actually going to do? 

Here’s The Plan is the new 10-part series that will do just that: assemble a plan to rescue our future from the twin climate and biodiversity crises. James Miller and Bella Lack will explore ten solutions to tackle the climate and nature crises, through interviews with top changemakers: politicians, activists, lawyers and more. Each solution will be explored in depth, and the hosts will delve into how listeners can get involved to accelerate the rapid systemic change that we desperately need.

Tune in every Monday to find out what we need to do to save the rainforest, turn off the fossil fuel tap, get rid of microplastics and more!

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