Tawny Diary

Recently, I have been out finding nests, which is why I haven’t posted in a while. However, it has really payed off, as I have discovered: 3 wren’s nests, 2 blue tit nests, 1 chaffinch nest, 1 swan nest, 1 treecreeper nest, 1 long tailed tit nest (unfortunately this fell down) and… A TAWNY OWL NEST!!
I found this last one quite recently, only a few days ago. I was sitting at the bottom of a tree waiting for a fox to come out a hole, when I saw a tawny owl fly up to the hole. The next evening I came back and heard the sound of (a strange kind of) cheeping coming from the nest. I imitated the parent owl, and then the cheeping became louder and more insistent, and two tawny owl chicks popped up from the hole.
This is the first time I have ever seen a tawny owl’s chicks, and it was very exciting. I shall try and visit them every night or so for the next few weeks until they fledge, and post the films on my new Tawny Nest page.
Here is the first video:

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