The Badgers


Here’s a badger briefly playing with a stick, rolling around and scratching itself. It could almost be a dog!
Quite funny and endearing footage to catch.


Something a little different, a James-eye view of a badger. Filmed using a GoPro at head height as opposed to my usual zoom lens….


The badgers seemed to be ploughing up the earth randomly tonight, but when all the videos were combined and sped up you could see that the badgers started at the entrance hole of the sett and worked backwards. Any ideas?

First badger footage in a while due to trail camera being a bit temperamental. This is wonderful behaviour to watch though; it’s always nice to see badgers playing, and these ones spent a while mucking about on a fallen tree…


Yes, another example of how trail cameras aren’t completely undetectable. Although badgers can’t see it, it looks like they can smell my scent on it!


First badger video of the year! But should it count as a badger video? It was taken by the badger sett and features a curious fox…


Badger’s Christmas Eve Party! I counted up to 7 badgers in one frame, all grooming, fighting and even mating! All is explained in the video. Enjoy! (don’t have your volume turned up too loud, there is background music)

A badger digging a hole, and slowly disappearing into it. See if you can spot the robin who tries to forage for worms in the disturbed soil, but gets showered by the badger’s digging!


A badger scratching itself for 7 minutes!


A badger having a good scratch before starting his evening forage.


These badger cubs are playing again, but this time more of  a play-fight. These games are not simply fun for the badger cubs, but also develop coordination and muscles, as well as establishing a hierarchy in the clan.


Badger cubs playing by the sett. This is a badger version of ‘tag’ and it is very often seen being played by young badgers, where one chases the other.


A small male badger cub disappearing down its hole.



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