It’s a while since Halloween and this would probably have been more appropriate to post back in late October, but the strange occurrence happened only this week. On Monday, just an hour after I had gone to bed, I started hearing strange noises. I was half asleep, and they started off quietly, so I didn’t notice it at first. Once my semi-consciousness actually picked it up, it dismissed at as the persistent complaints of our aging house. But as it grew in volume, I actually became consciously aware of it.
It is difficult to describe the noises, as they were so varied and, to be honest, I was nowhere near fully awake at the time. However, if I were to attempt it, I would describe them as whizzing noises with a few pops at the end. Sorry, it’s the best I can do!
I crept downstairs, and as I did so the noises culminated to loud yaps and squeals. It suddenly struck me, in my half-fazed state, that it could be two tawny owls fighting – we have several pairs in our area and they are known to be quite aggressive over territory.
So I rushed for my camera in the vague hope I might actually be able to film them in the light of the moon. By the time I returned to the front door, the din had stopped.
I waited by the door for 30 seconds, motionless, and then a scream erupted from the garden, followed by more yapping .
I yanked opened the door. More yapping. I could see nothing.
Unfortunately what ever it was scampered off as soon as I peered around the corner.
I am pretty certain in retrospect that it was a pair of foxes either mating or fighting – whenever strange noises are heard in the night, they’re the likeliest candidate!They are amazing creatures that have more than 28 known calls and vocalisations.
Here’s a short video I tried to record of the last bit:

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