Wildscreen Film Festival

This year Wildscreen Film Festival and Earthwatch Europe teamed up to produce the ‘Young Earthwatcher Competition’ – a environmental documentary-making competition for teenagers.

It looked like a really fantastic opportunity, and right up my street, so I spent the first couple of weeks of school trying to juggle filming with A levels.  The video had to fit the specification: 2 minutes long, explaining an environmental problem and presenting a positive action that people could take to help combat it.
These things always take longer than you expect to make, and in the end it came down to the day before the deadline that I was making the final adjustments.

Here was the finished result:

If you want to see more of my documentaries, please visit my documentary page. Hopefully more coming soon!

I was lucky to make it to the final three entrants and was invited to come up to the Wildscreen Film Festival in Bristol for the awards ceremony, hosted by none other than CBBC’s Naomi Wilkinson.

The entries were all screened to the audience and the judges, who then offered their thoughts on the videos. Sam Barcroft, Wendy Darke and Lizzie Daly discussed the positive attributes of each video and offered advice on how to improve, before announcing the chosen winner.

Unfortunately the competition was fierce and I came runner-up, but the second prize was not too shabby at all – an underwater camera and a beautiful book of elephant photography. Besides, I still got to speak to Naomi Wilkinson and Lizzie Daly, both big inspirations of mine.

WILDSCREEN by @JonCraig_Photos


It’s great to see such film-making skill and passion for environment in my generation, and I hope that the continuation of this competition will encourage more young people to discover a talent in that area.



Thanks very much to Wildscreen, Earthwatch Europe and all of the sponsors of the competition. Definitely one of the highlights of 2018 for me!















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